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Our Brand Story


A story of many Colors

Launched in 2017, HAIR PASSION Keratin Infused SystemS is a new generation of luxurious and avant-garde hair products brand that implements the latest technology in dyeing and treating hair, conceived as a result of extensive research and development by acclaimed experts in the beauty industry.

Sealed with a KISS – Keratin Infused SystemS, HAIR PASSION products have a conditioning formula leaves your hair damage-free and optimal even after being treated. Our products portfolio includes permanent hair colors, cryohair treatment, hair bleaching, styling & finishing, and other daily hair care products.

A WORLD’S FIRST – Using our innovative color pigment technology, HAIR PASSION is able to produce and achieve hair colors that have not been possible before. With 90 different shades, HAIR PASSION Permanent Hair Colors bring you new ways to express yourself through a variety of unique hair colors. From our Metallic, Pastel, and Classic & Chic collections, there is a HAIR PASSION shade to match your personality.

The HAIR PASSION Cryohair Treatment range is an innovative and comprehensive solution for repairing damaged hair. Our advanced formulation incorporates the use of high-grade Amino Acid molecules to intensely repair hair fibers and make hair stronger than ever.

For hair bleaching and care solutions, HAIR PASSION created the powerful Atomic Blonde X7 Bleaching Powder that gives up to 7 levels of lift while the Passion Booster Accelerator Peroxide Crème maintains the condition of hair during and after bleaching. The Black Bleach Powder enhanced with carbon fiber was also created to strongly protect the hair and give it a matted finish.

HAIR PASSION hair care products include Color Lock Shampoo & Conditioner, Color Mask, and Anti-Yellow Shampoo, which are meticulously formulated to guarantee maximum hair protection and color longevity for colored and treated hair.

HAIR PASSION accepted the challenge to make the impossible achievable and fulfill the needs of the high-end beauty professional market. Our hair care products serve as modern solutions for the use of high-end salon hairdressers, stylists, and colorists to satisfy the demands of their fashion-conscious clients.


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A Colorful Heritage

The Al Khouris, led by family Patriarch Riad together with brothers Nadi and George, are a business family involved in the beauty and personal care industry since 1973.

Riad Al Khouri, Chairman and R&D Director, has over 50 years of mastery and experience in the science of beauty and personal care products. His passion and record-breaking knowledge have led him to create many unique formulations together with pioneering innovations in the field of chemistry.

CEO Nadi Al Khouri is the face and personality behind the HAIR PASSION brand. Always thinking outside of the box, his drive and inspiration has built a world-class global portfolio of high-performance products for professionals that demand the best. He sets the tone with a reflection on excellence and a determination to build the HAIR PASSION community.

George Al Khouri, Managing Director, is in charge of the administrative sector of the business. His expertise in management enables HAIR PASSION to achieve positive business growth.

In 2010, the family decided to expand their business in the MENA region to cater to the demands of an international audience. Bringing with them a vast knowledge and expertise in the beauty industry, they soon established NG BEAUTY WORLD, the biggest third-party manufacturer of hair products in the glamorous city of Dubai, a global beauty and fashion capital.

In 2017, to accommodate the growing success of NG BEAUTY WORLD, a sister company was established, AXA BEAUTY WORLD. They are innovative companies equipped with a special mix of talent, a dynamic multi-faceted team and ultramodern, with a high-class facility built on ultra-modern technology. AXA as the sister company, was in charge of launching HAIR PASSION. This was led by CEO Nadi Al Khouri.

HAIR PASSION pioneered the innovations in Hair Color Technology, making them one of the first to introduce new shades of permanent hair colors that have not been possible before. Under AXA BEAUTY WORLD, the brand flourished and was made available to the professional beauty market worldwide.

The team behind the companies and the brand, with their collective global knowledge of the beauty industry, enables them to easily adapt into different markets in every part of the world, from Europe, Asia, North and South America, Middle East and Africa.

In the near future, HAIR PASSION aims to inspire beauty professionals with knowledge through training and education by AXA BEAUTY WORLD. The recent development of HAIR PASSION Education System includes regional educators and academies throughout the world. The HAIR PASSION E-COMMERCE website based in London is also set to launch soon.

With a team of forward-thinkers and a state-of-the-art facility, HAIR PASSION is ready for the global beauty arena thus being able to deliver what it always wanted to achieve: To push the boundaries of what is possible within the beauty industry.

Living Color

  • 2017

    • HAIR PASSION was born.
    • HAIR PASSION officially launched at the SALON INTERNATIONAL 2017 in London, UK.
    • Metallics Permanent Hair Color Collection was launched.
    • Pastels Plus Permanent Hair Color Collection was launched.
  • 2018

    • Citrus & Tropical Permanent Hair Color Collection was launched.
    • HAIR PASSION launched at the SALON INTERNATIONAL 2018 in London, UK.
  • 2019

    • Introduction of the Cryohair Treatment System, an innovative technology in hair care.
    • Classic & Chic Permanent Hair Color Collection was launched.
    • Development of HAIR PASSION Education System.
    • HAIR PASSION launched at the SALON INTERNATIONAL 2019 in London, UK.
  • 2020

    • Black Bleach Powder was launched.
    • Regional Education Centre opens in North East England, a first-class Centre delivering Knowledge through on site Education and Digital Technology.
    • Launching of E-Commerce website
Living Colors
Living Colors
Living Colors

Bringing Color to life

hair color
hair color


Our passion is to deliver the most innovative, high-end professional products from hair color to hair care, whilst pushing the boundaries of what is possible within the beauty industry.


To be The Professionals’ Choice: A high-end modern brand for high profile salons.

To be at the Premium Position in the Beauty Industry, delivering to the very best outstanding creative hairdressers and technicians’ in every city across the globe.

To gain the highest standards inspiring Knowledge through supplying inspiring Education, Training, Quality & Innovation.

To be the Leading Beauty Products Manufacturer in the world.

To look for the undiscovered, always challenge whilst pushing the boundaries through Innovation, Science, Research & Technology