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lab table
August 15, 2020

Science & Technology

In our Dubai laboratories a team of creative-oriented chemists, scientists and technicians from 8 different countries and experiences, develop advanced and pure research and experimentations into the new technologies of tomorrow. With new ingredients from natural and organic sources, we are creating the new next generation of premium products –…

August 15, 2020

World First Innovation – Keratin-Infused Systems

Unique formulation opens the cuticle to allow the dye to enter the cortex. Unique formulation closes the cuticle locking in the dye, infused for a longer-lasting vibrancy. A blend of 30 pigments and Proteins create very richly, the finest reflection with the longest-lasting colour. Enhanced resistant hair. Repairing damaged hair….

August 15, 2020

World First Technology – Cryohair Treatment

Unlike the traditional treatments in hair rebuilding that use heat as the amino element to enhance the performance of the products, our cutting-edge Cryohair Treatment presents a new solution for damaged and breakage-prone hair using the freezing technique. In 2019 we launched the Cryohair Therapy – which when the treatment…

airplane above city
August 15, 2020

Location and Markets

We are in 26 countries across 6 continents. HAIR PASSION has been launched through regional offices in the Americas, (Panama and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and Europe (London). We are launching the most stunning, unbelievable HAIRPASSION global headquarters and training centre in Jabal Ali Free Zone. This will be better…